We’re Not Gonna Take It!

London hit the streets in protest as world leaders gathered for the G-20 summit in England to discuss the worst financial crisis since “The Great Depression”. This morning world leaders began their decent on London to gather for the conference which will begin tomorrow to decide what should be done about the economic turmoil that the entire globe has sunk into. As the heads of countries did their best to look cool calm and collective, thousands of people protested on the streets that are lined with London’s financial institutions. Protesters broke the windows of the heavily fortified Scotland bank as a sign of their frustration and then began to brawl with riot police.

police_react8575197321This is the type of backlash that acts of greed like that of AIG should produce. Americans should take note of the outrage that their counterparts in England have displayed. We as Americans have become a society of apathetic coach potatoes that have taken on the “Uncle Owen” approach, staying home and not getting involved. Where is our outrage? Where is our frustration? Instead of marching on Washington or Wall St. we sit home in our lazy boys and curse at the TV! Well I say if you aren’t willing to get off your ass then you have no right to complain! We used to be the one’s to march for a cause, to hit the street with torch and pitch fork in hand ready to burn down the establishment who does us any injustice. But now the idea of getting off our lazy boy is too high a price to change things. It is sad and now our conservative brothers in England are showing us how it’s done.


 r321455_14333761I pose to you this question: Would bankers on Wall St. rip us off if they knew there would be consequences? People should not be afraid of the establishment, establishment should be afraid of the people. However at this stage why shouldn’t they rip us off, after all we’re not going to do anything about it. Where has all the fire and passion that was possessed by the people of this nation gone? We used to risk life and limb for the civil liberties we demanded but now that’s just too high a price, “We have gotten soft”. Where have all the heroes gone? So the next time you go to complain about the financial state that our country is in, remember that you did nothing.

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  1. Tiny says:

    I pose to you this question: Would bankers on Wall St. rip us off if they knew there would be consequences? and the answer is yes i would!!!

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