January 21st, 2010

Conan O’brien is leaving NBC after only 7 months on the Tonight Show. The former SNL writer is saying goodbye to the family that gave birth to his career because of the way the network has mishandled this whole situation. NBC is reportedly paying Conan O’brien a whopping $40 million to buy out his contract and allow Jay Leno to retake the Tonight Show. Apparently NBC did not learn its lesson after the circus that ensued last year when they juggled around their late night schedule. As if they were gluten for punishment they are doing it again and they are going to pay dearly for it.

 The network is in for a shocker when they realize that no matter what they do they aren’t going get the ratings they are used to. Gone are the days where people only had 7 stations to choose from. There is just too many options on TV now-a-days, shows like Chelsea Lately and Jimmy Kimmel are just a few of the options that viewers have. For some reason NBC thinks that switching back to Leno will fix the problem, I guess they’ve forgotten that Jay wasn’t getting the job done in the first place.

 NBC’s behavior is eerily reminiscent of fickle teenage beauty queen who indecisively bounces between two boyfriends. The reality is that Conan O’brien’s comedic style is fresher and funnier then his counterpart Jay Leno. However NBC will not learn its lesson until Conan finds a home on another network and cuts into Jay’s ratings. By the time NBC realizes that they made the wrong decision, it will be too late.

Totally Redeemed Yourself

July 16th, 2009


Last year I spoke out against the validity and overall distinction of HBO’s Entourage and received great quibble from readers. As a person who was subjected to the harsh realities of New York’s inner city most of my life I refuse to cave in to the pressure or tough criticisms of others, no matter what. So when there was an outpouring of rage from fans of the show I was unwilling to cave in and I stood by my critiques. However with this seasons inception I was pleasantly impressed with the output.

It seems the creators of the show have stepped up their game and added extreme advances in character development from Lloyd to Turtle. They have encompassed the full spectrum of the cast into their augmented plot development. All though it is a bit early to say this but the first episode has the makings of a well rounded production. There are multiple options for a bulk of confrontation as well as interesting twists and turns.

I enjoy the shows insight into the entertainment industry, club scene and general life of a VIP but that is not enough. I am a big fan of the show and as such I expect more from this revolutionary sitcom. That is why this initial episode excites me, I see the potential for an intriguing season.
My prediction is that you’d best buckle your seat belts folks cause it’s going to be a wild ride.

We’re Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

July 16th, 2009


After a long hiatus, we’re back. The management of this wild and crazily cleaver blog have returned from other endeavors. We have returned to serve up our unforgiving and inhibited opinions on the political, entertainment and sports worlds forums.

So tell a friend and get your comments prepared cause we’re back with a vengeance. So I hope your ready for curve balls like it’s Doc Gooden on blow pitching cause it’s on bitches!

And we don’t want to hear any crying like you’re a little girl with a skinned knee. You’d better be primed to eat meat and shit vegetables because like Guantanamo Bay we’re taking no prisoners!

We’ll Be Back

May 29th, 2009


The staff of Brooklyn-In-Vegas is heavily involved in a major upcoming 3D/HD Pay-Per View concert event in Las.
Therefore we are unable to make updated posts, so we are temporally stopping all activity until the events artists, venue and dates have been announced.

Once announced we will use the site to inform fans of dates ticket sales and other details.
Thank you



Pirates of the Indian

April 8th, 2009



Can you believe that in the year 2009 with all the technology and with how small the world is we still have pirates? Well this morning what should only be a fictional detail of a children’s story became a reality. In the Indian Ocean off the coast of Kenya, Somali pirates stormed a boat and took the boat hostage.


I have been watching footage of these bandits all day and I have to give it to them they are pretty clever; I actually watched one hang glide on to a boat with an anti-aircraft machine gun. These guys are insane and it’s not right that they’re holding hostages but it is pretty cool that they’re bringing piratical techniques back into style. Where’s is Peter pan and the Lost Boys when you need them?


On a more serious note: The problem is that these guys are operating on international waters so there are limited laws that govern the sea. If you ask me these are some silly loopholes that these guys are taking advantage of and something needs to be done by the UN to change the rules and regulations of international waters. Perhaps these reckless acts will be the catalyst for the changes we need.



New York Junkees

April 6th, 2009



The Yankees are so addicted to winning that they are trying to buy a World Series title. I fully realize that the baseball season is a marathon and not a sprint but when you are being paid a quarter of a Billion dollars you deserve all the heat in the world. Today on opening day C.C. Sabathia and Mark Teixeira are the two highest paid players at their positions produced negative results. Sabathia gave up six runs while producing Zero strike outs and Teixeira had men on base every time he was at bat but drove in Zero RBI’s. On top of that Alex Rodriguez who is the highest paid player overall, didn’t even play! Between the three of them they get paid almost 600 million dollars and they not only did nothing but they actually hurt the team! That is inexcusable!


I have no remorse for these guys or the Yankees who unfortunately are my team. The Yankees have forgotten how they won all those championships. They didn’t go out and buy the most expensive free agents; they built it through the farm system. Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Jorge Pasada, Andy Pettite and Mariano Rivera all came from our farm. Then the team mixed in veteran’s with that swarm of young talent. Unfortunately the Boston Red Sox have figured that out, they started competing in the bidding wars with the Yankees but then went back to the farm with guys like Papplebaum, Pedroia and Youkilious.


Once the Yankees spend this kind of money the lights at the stadium get hotter, the press gets tougher and the fans become more unforgiving. If you add all those components up and sprinkle in an ownership core that demands results it makes for a lose-lose situation, if they win, they were supposed to, if they lose it’s a joke. There is no crying in baseball but you definitely cannot cry if you make more than most teams combined so these high priced free agents better start producing. If the guys who make absurd amounts of money don’t produce then these super agents better think twice before they make these deals!


Give peace a chance

April 6th, 2009



President Obama today asked the other nations of the world to lay down there nuclear arms. The president has said this plan probably will not culminate in his lifetime however the US and Russia lead by example when they enter their nuclear treaty this year.


The president also talked about the fact that America is not at war with Islam in another speech today. It was mentioned by our former president but for some reason it wasn’t taken at face value. I wonder why?


Nevertheless it is progressive, enlightened and ambitious initiatives like these are the reason we elected Barack to office. Say what you will about his first three months in office because Obama is changing the world’s opinions of our country as well as the landscape of politics.

GOD save the Queen

April 2nd, 2009


Barrack and Michelle Obama have taken the UK by storm, America’s president and first lady have wowed everyone from the Queen to the press across the pond. The Queen, who is normally stoic and rarely cracks a smile, not only liked the first family but was also impressed with their smarts and charisma. This reception is a far cry from the typical blunder from Bush who on his first trip to England actually winked at the Queen. The Obama’s also received raved reviews from the UK’s press which consists of over 100 newspapers.

England’s press core and royal family have not always taken a liking to the presidential families of the US but it seems they have taken it a step further by joining the Obama’s fan base. Apparently though Michelle Obama is stealing the spotlight drawing comparisons to Mrs. Kennedy for her approachability, fashion sense, wit and general down to earth personality. Michelle has won over hearts while speaking to children at Elizabeth Garret Anderson School for girls. After which she was mobbed by students with questions and autograph requests.

Not to be out done Barrack spoke to world leaders at the G-20 summit, laying out his agenda for America and playing peace maker in stopping what could’ve been a disaster. French President Nicolas Sarkozy threatened to walk out on the meeting of world leaders but was talked down by president Obama. As if stopping Sarkozy’s melt down wasn’t enough, Obama delivered a speech that as usual was as cool as the other side of the pillow. The shocking part was India’s Prime Minister asking him for his autograph. Whether it was cooling the tempers of other leaders or impressing royalty, Barak showed once again that all signs point to the US choosing the right man for the job.

We’re Not Gonna Take It!

April 1st, 2009

London hit the streets in protest as world leaders gathered for the G-20 summit in England to discuss the worst financial crisis since “The Great Depression”. This morning world leaders began their decent on London to gather for the conference which will begin tomorrow to decide what should be done about the economic turmoil that the entire globe has sunk into. As the heads of countries did their best to look cool calm and collective, thousands of people protested on the streets that are lined with London’s financial institutions. Protesters broke the windows of the heavily fortified Scotland bank as a sign of their frustration and then began to brawl with riot police.

police_react8575197321This is the type of backlash that acts of greed like that of AIG should produce. Americans should take note of the outrage that their counterparts in England have displayed. We as Americans have become a society of apathetic coach potatoes that have taken on the “Uncle Owen” approach, staying home and not getting involved. Where is our outrage? Where is our frustration? Instead of marching on Washington or Wall St. we sit home in our lazy boys and curse at the TV! Well I say if you aren’t willing to get off your ass then you have no right to complain! We used to be the one’s to march for a cause, to hit the street with torch and pitch fork in hand ready to burn down the establishment who does us any injustice. But now the idea of getting off our lazy boy is too high a price to change things. It is sad and now our conservative brothers in England are showing us how it’s done.


 r321455_14333761I pose to you this question: Would bankers on Wall St. rip us off if they knew there would be consequences? People should not be afraid of the establishment, establishment should be afraid of the people. However at this stage why shouldn’t they rip us off, after all we’re not going to do anything about it. Where has all the fire and passion that was possessed by the people of this nation gone? We used to risk life and limb for the civil liberties we demanded but now that’s just too high a price, “We have gotten soft”. Where have all the heroes gone? So the next time you go to complain about the financial state that our country is in, remember that you did nothing.

Oh back off Obama already!

March 21st, 2009



60 days has passed since we elected a new president of our country, a man that in my opinion represents a breath of fresh air in the realm of politics. Our elected officials have always played us like they are the Wizard of Oz, insisting that we pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. For the first time in my life someone in Washington has spoken candidly with us instead of treating the American people like infants who are unable to face the realities of the truth. President Obama is walking a path of transparency allowing the people access to every detail of the decision making process. Our new president did this so that in these volatile times we could have some sense of security. You would think after our former administration that ran our government like it was a game of Three Card Monty, an elaborate magic trick using misdirection to keep us distracted, people would appreciate honesty. It seems like the general population is still on board with Obama’s direction but nonetheless he is getting flack at every twist and turn. Congress is resisting his stimulus package, the press is upset over his jokes and coach K from Duke is on him for making time to fill out a college basketball bracket. These dramatic hyper-critical outcries are not only unsubstantiated but half the time they are just sad attempts to slow down the presidents agenda and make him unpopular. Allow me to touch on a few the things I’m referring to one at a time.


First, congress is fiercely opposed the presidents new stimulus package, openly stating that it will not be effective. Their distaste for his idea is fine but they cannot come up with an alternate solution and they appear to have no idea what to do. Republicans have their feet firmly placed in opposition and are content to do nothing while the economy dissolves. It feels as if their ultimate goal is to resort to finger pointing once this happens so they regain control.


Next, in an attempt to attack public opinion of the president the right wing is pretending to be outraged over a comment he made during his interview with Jay Leno Thursday night. When Leno asked about the bowling alley in the White House Obama poked fun at himself, saying that his bowling were sub par. As he and Leno laugh he mumbled a comparison to the Special Olympics. Please, as if the elitists in the conservative party care about the handicapped. This is the same old tactic the republicans always use, making a mountain out of mole hill.


Now earlier I mentioned coach K from Duke University half kidding, nevertheless you can’t help but take notice to the potshot the college basketball coach took at the president. In a post game interview a reporter asked the coach how he felt about Barrack’s prediction of Duke being knocked out the NCAA tournament the coach said he should be focused on the economy and other issues. Gees, can the guy get fifteen minutes to fill out a bracket sheet fore fun?


As if all this hoopla wasn’t enough on every rightwing TV and radio show you have rightwing crackpots making stupid comments that are way off base or simply untrue. For example: Fox news had some wing-nut caller who blamed Obama and Biden for the decline in our school system stating they are the reason our education has fallen dramatically. Obviously this is ridiculous since the ranking of our students in world wide testing plummeted several years ago. This is do to the fact that our curriculum is inferior to that of other countries as well constant cuts to funds and resources.


I have never seen this type of scrutiny of a president 60 days in to his term in office before. To all those who are getting on Obama’s case I would like to remind you: This guy was handed a steaming pile of mess from the former administration. Give the man a break!